BITD Parker 250

What a month! (5) weeks of nonstop work, but we did it, we made it to the starting line, and the car turned out awesome! We did not get to install a fuel cell or do some things that we had hoped but we could race! 
My codriver ended up getting sick so at the last minute we threw my dad in the seat. I was excited to have him there because we built the car together and now, we were able to race the car together. I was nervous but excited, my dad well he was very nervous (it was his first race) but excited. 

We started the race and took off with some speed, but my goal was to finish so I kept a conservative pace. The first 14 miles was rocky, and the rest was pretty wide open. We hit about mile marker 34 and we chased a car for about 25-30 miles and in those miles, we were right on his bumper the entire time, it felt pretty cool. We got to Pit 2 and got refueled and hauled butt to the main pit which was 50 miles away. The last 30 miles of that 50 were super rocky and rough, but we made it through to the main pit. 

We were filled up at the main pit where our fuel guys did “double-duty” fueling me, what I mean by that is, they put (2) gas cans into my stock fuel tank and were able to fuel me twice as fast. The stock fuel tank can get around 70-80 miles per tank and it was 70.3 miles to Pit 2. 

We had picked up our pace on the second lap because we knew the course better, unfortunately we burned too much fuel. As we came into Pit 1 (Midway) to Pit 2 we were below a half of a tank. We knew we weren't going to make it so we cruised 30 mph for 28 miles. We barely made it with our light flashing for fuel, but we made it! 

From there we were able to haul butt to the finish. Towards the end we were racing in the night and that was pretty cool. I love desert racing and I think this is my jam. I've gone to the desert since I was 3 weeks old and have always loved it. Now that I get to race it, I feel that I will do very well, and I am super excited. Can’t wait until the next one!
Thank you to everyone that made this dream possible!

BITD UTV Legends Championship

Well, you can say it didn’t go as planned. Had another great turnout in the Pro NA class of 19 entries, 9th off the NA Class, 43rd off the line running 170 miles. We started off with a decent pace even with the intense dust. Unfortunately, we started losing power at the end of the 1st lap but were able to keep going. By about a quarter of the way into our second lap we had lost complete power. We managed to get to the pits, but our crew could not find the issue. I knew I had to run 5 laps to get points for the race, so I decided to continue.

Losing power throughout the race was not fun, there would be times that we would not be able to move at all (where another car would have to push us up a hill,) then there would be times where we could go 45-50 mph, it was so frustrating! We continued and pitted every lap in hopes that we could find something wrong with it, when we went into the pits on lap 5 were Randy Romo and Todd Peters found that my air intake hose was closing every time, I would hit the throttle (even started to melt together, causing me to lose complete power.) We took off the external filter that we had on the car, and it helped for about a half a lap before the issue came back. We had realized it was the same issue. Josh (my co-driver) and I ended up cutting the hose off before the stock air filter and got back on track.


The car ran perfectly after this! We were able to make up eight positions on the last lap. Josh and I were ready for another 10 laps when they threw the checkers out, finishing 10th overall. We were very happy to find out what the issue was, but beyond bummed that something so minor ruined a great race. Super glad we never gave up and kept on pushing to get a top ten and landing us 5th place overall in points for the season to date. Huge thank you to my new co-drover Josh Guillen for jumping in the car with me, you did awesome! And thankyou to my pit crew and partners who continue to support me, I truly appreciate it!

BITD Silver State 300

Silver state was a blast. The car was in the best condition it had ever been in, I felt great about it. Just from that, my confidence was very high. We got to the starting line and was 5th off the line for my class. We settled into the car as the other classes went off. It was finally our turn, and we took off. 

From the start I had noticed that my clutching was a little off. The car did not want to go to high RPMs, so I knew the altitude was causing some issues. Found out after the race that a lot of the other racers were having the same issue with their clutching. We got to the first road crossing, and I felt amazing, I loved the course so far. About 15 miles later we made it to pit 1 and everything felt good. We were moving and had caught up to the car in front of us at the start. Once we caught that car, I knew that we made up a minute because the starts were 1 minute apart, and 1 car off at a time. At that point I was fired up and kept my pace for about 110 miles, sitting P1 overall. 

And that is approximately when “we were winning until we weren’t” and we blew a belt. We quickly changed the belt and got back in the car and resumed our pace. About five to six miles later we had blown a tire (driver error.) We made it to pit 3 were we fueled, threw another belt and tire in the car and got back on track. I knew I still had time to get back on track, so I pushed hard. Unfortunately, it started to go downhill from there. I lost radio communications with my codriver, so we quickly had to learn our hand signals. My codriver Josh did a great job with what he could do. 

I made it to pit 4 and had already caught up to the P3 car. We chased him down for 11 miles, as soon as we were going to make our pass, we blew another belt. We changed it and took off, but we noticed the belt was slipping. We made it to Pit 5 where we fueled, changed the belt, and cleaned the clutches out. While my pit crew was going over the car, they noticed I had bent a lower radius rod, so they changed that as well. It was such a bummer, the crew worked hard and fast, but by that time I had lost 20 minutes on the leader. 

They got me back on track, by now I was (3) belts, (1) radius rod and (1) tire into my race with over 120 miles to go. I was frustrated knowing I lost that top spot, but I refocused my goal to finish top 10. About 30 miles after pit 6 we blew another belt that was restricting us to not go past 55 without the car revving out. We had another 60 miles till pit 7 which was the last pit. We limped it in and had our crew clean the clutches and throw a fresh belt on the car. By this point we were (6) belts in and only had one spare belt left so we did not take any chances and ran a safe pace that would allow us finish. After a long, boring last 45 miles we finally we made it to the finish. 

It felt great to finish especially with all our issues. I was bummed knowing that we had a chance for an awesome finish, but I learned A LOT and have already made changes to the car to help prevent this issue as well as I learned that cleaning the clutches out on the track is just as important as doing a “fast” belt change. Looking back, I think if I would have cleaned the clutches out better after the first belt grenaded I would have not had some of these issues. On a better note, I figured out the pace I need to be running to be on the box and I’m excited! Thank you to everyone for your help, can’t tell you all how much I appreciate it! 

DP4 Racing- Hot Nights in Ridgecrest (July)

My car was prepped and waiting for some “special addition” parts to show up, so we thought let’s go race and get some seat time while we wait. This race was a little different for me in the fact that this was my first race doing all the prep on my own. The course was unique to me compared to a typical BITD course with graded roads and minimal passing areas, where a DP4 track is a lot rougher but with a trail like course having 100’ of track, making it like you’re riding at a local desert. The course was (5) 25-mile loops with no bumping allowed or an automatic DQ.

We got to the track and unloaded and set up our pit (only one pit.) After we got setup, we did some minor testing to make sure everything felt/ looked good. I started P18 Overall and P8 in the PRO NA class. We lined up, did the national anthem than hopped in the car and got all buckled up. Took off at 8:09pm. The first lap I was cruising because we had no GPS files provided for the course, so we had to track the first lap and mark dangers. The first lap we passed 7 cars and completed it in 40 minutes. My goal was to pass 5 cars per lap until I was P1. We pitted after the first lap because the belt temps were high, and we decided to pull the clutch cover off to cool it down. We got back on the road with no more issues.

Everything was good and we were climbing up the leaderboard. Coming into our 4th lap, we got the call that we were in 2nd place running a 38-minute lap and to keep the pace that we were running. About 14 miles later we passed the leader due to him having a flat tire. We decided to pit last lap for a quick splash of fuel to be safe. About 2 miles after the pit, we had lost all lights on the car and power steering due to an electrical error. Thankfully, my codriver got it going again while I was still driving so we didn’t have to stop. We kept going and brought the car to the finish for a first place in the PRO NA class and 3rd OVERALL for the race!

Can’t tell you all how great it felt to get that P1, not just because of the driving portion, but because of how hard I worked on prepping my car all by myself without any major failures. So unbelievably stoked and can’t wait to get back out there. Thank you to everyone for their continued help and support!

BITD Battle Born 200

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2022 California 300

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BITD World Hare & Hound

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